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Esperanto Roskilde 4th news letter - ANSWER REQUIRED

Hello dear participants,

We are glad to see you all soon with us in Roskilde. After little more than a week, the festival will begin, and here goes some important information:

You will work at Game City as a service guard, and will have four shifts of 8 hours in between Sunday June 28 and Monday July 7 (however expect that they will take an average of 9 hours). We have enough common tents and sleeping bags for those who asked, but if you want privacy, bring your own tent.

We appreciate your efforts for our team and we do our best for you. Therefore we provide you with free food throughout the entire festival. Expect porridge and bread for breakie and lunch, and for diner we cook some hot stuff together. When the concert area opens on Thursday July 3 we will serve a daily hot meal in our food stall at Food Court.

Attached you will find the work plan for 2014. At Game City there will be 9 teams each with 4 people, some of them divided in subteams. Write in your answer to *no later than Sunday*, which 3 teams you prefer, and definitely write those that certainly will not be possible for you, because you are not present at those times.

IF you do not answer, YOU DO NOT have a place. Here you can see when your favorite bands play:

Write also, on what day and time you plan to arrive and depart at the festival. After your arrival at Roskilde go to the bus stop at the entrance EAST , and call +45 5258 9995. Later someone of the organizing team will meet you and after signing a contract (also attached) will give you a wristband. If you're late, if something happens, if you have an urgent question at the last minute, call +45 5258 9995.

Packing list:

  1. Warm clothing
  2. Rain costume
  3. Rain boots
  4. Sleeping bag
  5. Lamp, where possible attachable to the head
  6. Swimming costume (unless you prefer to swim nude)
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Suncream
  9. Tent - if you want privacy (we have a group tents as needed)
  10. Your best mood!

Looking forward to see you soon - the organizing team

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